Shower to Tub Conversion Seattle

Do you dream of unwinding in a luxurious bathtub after a long day but currently only have a shower? Seattle Bath and Shower can help make your dream come true. Our experts can transform your existing shower into a relaxing, beautiful bathtub – all in just one day! Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

Benefits of a Shower to Tub Conversion

There are many benefits of shower to tub conversions, such as:


Unlike a shower, a bathtub can be used for soaking and relaxing after a long day.

Increased Home Value

A beautiful new bathtub can boost the value of your home. This is a huge plus, regardless of if you’re in your forever home or have plans to sell in the future.

Improved Aesthetics

We offer bathtubs in a wide array of styles and colors. You can be sure that whatever tub you choose, you'll achieve a new and improved aesthetic appeal for your space.

Shower to Tub Conversion Before and After

One-Day Shower Replacement in Seattle

At Seattle Bath and Shower, we pride ourselves on being experts in wet space remodeling. If you’re looking to convert your shower to a tub without having to undergo a full bathroom remodel, our one-day shower replacement is the way to go. Our team of dedicated professionals will arrive at your home with all the necessary equipment and supplies and complete your shower-to-tub conversion in less than a day. What is more convenient than that? 

Why wait? Schedule your one-day shower replacement in Seattle by contacting us at (206)-453-5137 now!

Why Choose Us For Your Your Shower to Tub Conversion in Seattle

Premium Products

We believe that every homeowner deserves the finest materials in their bathrooms. That's why we only install premium materials from leading American manufacturer Pulse.

Lifetime Warranty

We’re confident in the quality of our bathtub installation. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on installation, in addition to the actual material warranty itself. If you notice any installation-related defects, let us know, and we’ll fix them promptly.

Flexible Financing

We understand that converting a shower to a tub can be a significant expense. This is why we partner with Enhancify to offer our clients 21 month financing at 0% interest. You can also apply for credit through enhancify.

Experienced Team

Our Seattle bathroom remodelers have the experience and knowledge to install any type of bathtub on the market. You can rely on them for a quality installation the first time around.

One-Day Shower Replacement

Our team will remove your shower and install your new bathtub in just one day. This means that you can start using your new luxurious bathtub in as little as 24 hours!

Interested in a Shower Remodel in Seattle?

Interested in a shower remodel? Contact us for a free estimate and on-site consultation. During the on-site consultation, you’ll discuss colors, materials, and designs with our team, and they’ll provide you with a detailed estimate. Your new bathtub is just a day away!

Frequently Asked Questions about Shower to Tub Conversions

At Seattle Bath and Shower, we provide a wide range of bathtub styles for your shower-to-tub conversion. We offer a variety of options, from classic clawfoot tubs and drop-in tubs to walk-in tubs for improved accessibility. Each comes in a variety of materials, including acrylic and cast iron, and in different shapes and sizes to fit your space and style. During our consultation, we will go through all available options to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Maintenance requirements for your new bathtub will depend on the type and material of the tub. Generally, all tubs should be cleaned regularly to maintain their appearance and prevent buildup of soap scum or mineral deposits. Acrylic tubs, which are popular due to their durability and longevity, are particularly easy to maintain. A simple wipe down with a non-abrasive cleaner is usually sufficient. Rest assured, we will provide you with detailed care instructions based on your specific tub type and material.

The cost of your shower-to-tub conversion will depend on a few factors, including the square footage size of the space and the design and materials chosen. The good news is that we’ll provide you with an accurate estimate right off the bat with no hidden fees.

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